Los Galpones Rural Apartments are very near Navia and two miles from Castro Coaña, in a privileged location next to the sea and the mountains, embedded within the Navia Historical Park.

Navia Historical Park, bordering Oscos-Eo and the Vaqueira Shire includes, Boal, Coaña, El Franco, Grandas de Salime, Illano, Navia, Pesoz, Tapia de Casariego and Villayon. The Navia river gives name and structures a land of great variety of landscapes: ancient forts, Roman mines, whalers towns, and palaces all gathered in one place.

The area is characterized by the proximity of beaches like Navia, Frexulfe (National Monument), Barayo (Partial Nature Reserve of the Biosphere), Porcia, Foxos or inter Penarronda.

Fishing villages dot the coast as Luarca, Puerto de Vega , Viavelez, Tapia de Casariego or lead us into the mountain as Taramundi and its etnographic Os Teixois, Oscos or Grandas de Salime with its Ethnographic Museum and the spectacular Chao Samartín Castro .

In Los Galpones Rural Apartments we offer our clients all the tourist information that you will request..


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